May 30, 2012

21st cupcakes!

Awhile back I wrote a post on cupcakes and that I wanted cupcakes for my 21st birthday! Not only did I get cupcakes, I was overloaded with cupcakes LOLZ!!

My main one that was specifically ordered with a specific design was this:

The theme was girly! haha with handbags and makeup! Love that Chanel bag figurine fondant and makeup =))

I also got cupcakes from my girls from Delectable by Su.

The cute sheep!!

I'm always very impressed by how they do all these cute figurines!!

Yeah I've got all of the above and more! My house is just full of it *laughs*

But honestly, cupcakes are cupcakes hehe They are nice to see, but taste, well, normal...some are nice, some are dry...but the worst part is eating all these cute figurines!! How to destroy those beautifully made fondants =(( Oh well, all I know is that I'm overloaded with cupcakes LOL

Thank you all for the cuppies and I appreciate it very very much =))

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