May 25, 2012

Amarin Heavenly Thai, Mid Valley

Amarin Thai is a nice restaurant with friendly staffs, good food, cozy environment and if you want a place to sit and chat, this is a much recommended place!

It's very much Thai! The second you walk in, you're even greeted with a 'Sawadika' which means Hello in Thai. My friends and I went there to celebrate my pre birthday celebration =)


One of the House specialty drink

I will recommend this House Specialty Drink- it's a blended coconut drink

Rice with meat and egg 

Pineapple fried rice- one of the popular food

Food wise it is spicy! Especially the Tom Yam Kung. I'm not kidding when I say spicy. Luckily, we Malaysians love spicy food so we're fine with it. But, if you're not into spicy food I say you should just stick to the desserts *laughs*

Cendol with ice cream

I definitely recommend this sorbet ice cream dessert in a coconut shell!
This is a MUST try...Very refreshing and delicious!

Pricing is a bit high end. If you order food, drink and dessert, it will cost you around RM40 per person. But it's quite a big portion so I guess it's reasonable. The food comes quite fast and the staffs are very efficient. 

Cozy romantic ambience. Thank you guys!!

The ambience is very cozy. There's sofa chairs with huge soft pillows to hug! The lighting style is romantic. The above picture was taken with flash. The real lighting in there is quite dark. 

But it's a nice place to chat. We had our own space to have fun and take pictures. It's not a very crowded restaurant so you won't bug others and they won't bug you. I'm very much in love with the environment =)

Check it out if you're interested!

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