May 9, 2012

#18 Nicknames

I have my own fair share of nicknames as you all do, I'm sure. I have nicknames from primary school, to secondary and to college *laughs*

Okay, let's start with the 'non related to my name' nicknames like...
-skin and bones(Okay, this was in primary where I was literally skin and bones and people used to laugh at me that if a strong wind comes I'll be blown away) But yeah, that was a long time ago and I'm definitely no longer skin and bones. I have FATS now -.-

- shopaholic(yes, I'm famously known as the shopaholic coz I can shop till I break a leg LOL)

- nerd(Although, I strongly disapprove of this nickname coz only the people in my house really knows whether I'm a nerd or not and let me assure you, it's NOT)

- and of course, now, I'm the Dreamer =)) and yes, I do love this name. I created it after all *laughs*

Nicknames related to my name:
- kit kat(coz my middle Chinese name 'Keat' does sound like the chocolate bar XD)

- kitty cat(the extension of that name -.- and also because I used to go CRAZY over Hello Kitty *laughs*) This nickname is the most famous among my friends in secondary. I hope none of them start calling me with this name again haha

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