May 27, 2012

Barbara Hoffmann Brush cleanser

I'm very anal about cleanliness. I like to keep my things germ free so to speak *laughs* I do wash my makeup sponges and brushes but without a real makeup brush cleanser, I'm quite hesitant whether is it really clean.

Then, I found Barbara Hofmann brush cleanser. Now, I'll never wash my makeup apparatus with just clear water or other detergent.

It's actually a huge soap in that container:

All you have to do is pour water in that container and dip your brush in to clean it:

After that, wash the brush with lukewarm water and after cleaning all other brushes, pour out the water in the container and leave everything to dry...

Do not dry your brushes with a hairdryer or under the sun. Let them soak in a paper towel. When the soap is dry, close the container and you can reuse it the next time.

The soap is very effective. It removes residue from the brush immediately as you can see leftover powder from eye shadow easily removed from the brush. All brushes retained their original form after drying. The soap is quite delicate and would not spoil your brushes. In fact, it makes them soft and fluffy!

Since it's quite a huge bar of soap, depending on how many times you wash your apparatus, it can last a few months. It retails for RM55 at Shins stores. Quite reasonable since you can reuse it for a long time. A recommended product =))

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