May 14, 2012

Revenge TV show

Revenge the TV Show is currently showing on Star World and I'm hooked! From the pilot with a great storyline and plot, this show has been successful with good ratings!

Emily Van Camp(in red) is the main character wanting revenge!

The sexy cast!

This show is all about Amanda Clarke(Emily) wanting revenge on those who put her innocent father in prison. She may look innocent with those blonde curls and pretty smile, but her cruel stare and her acts are not so innocent! This is definitely a show which portrays 'Don't judge a book by its cover'

Aside from the great storyline and gorgeous fashion, one of the reason why I'm hooked is also because of the romance Emily has with Daniel Grayson which is played by Joshua Bowman!

cuteness alert!!

They are actually a couple in real life as well!

He is very charming with a British accent and a total eye candy for the show! What's not to love?

Want more of him? *laughs* Then watch Revenge! =p

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