March 27, 2011


Yes, I'm on Twitter *laughs* I have actually been on twitter for the past year but since I didn't really know how to use it, I abandoned it and found Facebook to be the better social network.

But, alas, I'm active on twitter again. Coz I've been seeing so many people using it and celebrities are using it as a platform to update their life for fans to see...

So, I decided to revisit twitter(luckily I still remember my username and password) and decided to follow many celebrities. So to date, I'm following around 50 celebrities like Britney Spears, Ryan Seacrest (coz he has the best goss in town), Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and many others!! Yes, I'm that much into celebrities *laughs*

Since I do not have the time to buy those tabloids mags and read, I might as well follow them on twitter. It's really fun you know knowing they are the one updating the twits and in some way fans get to be closer to their favourite celebs!!

But, downside is that I have never been so technologically handicapped when it comes to using twitter itself. I know how to update my stats but I don't know how to tag someone or what is the function of retweet and so many other buttons LOL Okay, don't laugh but even in FB I can be really handicapped at times(thanks to my bestie who has to show me a lot of how-tos) *slaps head*

And I don't know, for whatever reasons I have 'followers'. *laughs* I just started and I don't know much about twitter, how was I found to be followed? Haha I guess I will have to update much now, huh lol

But really I'm only active on twitter coz I wanted to follow the lives of my fav celebs. Until I know how to use more functions, will I use it to the fullest..

Till then, let me meddle with twitter hehe...
Btw, do you twit??

                                                          Such a cute logo =p

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