September 12, 2014

Mie Food & Tourism Fair 2014

Bringing the rich Japanese art and cultural experience to Malaysians, AEON launched the inaugural Mie Food & Tourism Fair. Happening between 9 and 14 September 2014, the fair is held simultaneously at AEON One Utama and Mid Valley.

If you don't know, Mie Prefecture is situated in the centre of Honshu, Japan. Mie is one of the oldest prefectures in Japan and it is famous for supplying the Japanese emperors with fine food in the old times. In conjunction with AEON's 30th anniversary and their close ties with Mie, the food fair was launched.

The Food Fair launch was held in One Utama.

Opening speech by Ms. Nur Qamarina Chew, Managing Director of AEON Co(M) Bhd.
According to her, the fair is the one place where food connoisseur can find ingredients from the Mie region and have a tasteful experience of the city's finest delicacies.

Ninja performance by performers all the way from Mie, Japan.
Mie Prefecture is the original birthplace for the Japanese traditional martial arts otherwise known as Ninjutsu. They performed some of the Ninjutsu stunts.

Photo session with the Ninjas and Ms. Nur Qamarina Chew, Mr Suzuki(Mie Prefecture Governer) and Mr Nagahisa Oyama, CEO of ASEAN Business.

The guests of honour touring the food fair held just outside AEON.

These are the food from Mie Prefecture, Japan sold at the food fair. Various exclusive Mie delicacies such as the Tea incense komachi and Ise Udon were also showcased at the fair.

Food sampling are available to make your choice of preferred purchase.

Q&A with the media.

More food sampling.

The chef and her creations.

We were then invited for Sushi-making class =)
That was my first time making sushi!

The ingredients were readily prepared for us.

Crab sticks, egg rolls, avocado, sesame, fish egg(ebiko) and cucumber to make California roll.

The chef teaching us how to make sushi.

Me and Amelie clad in our aprons and gloves trying to make our very own sushi rolls hehe

Me trying my hands to make the California roll.

I actually found it quite simple! But of course, because all ingredients were already prepared for us. I'm sure making the rice must be quite a hassle.

All we had to do was arrange all ingredients and roll it.
Yay! It was a success =)

Amelie and I with our sushi.

Amelie's sushi. We were taught two different kinds of sushi.

Yum! Yum!

My California roll.
This is a different kind of California roll. 
It's an inside out sushi. Meaning seaweed is inside and rice outside.

Had fun making my own sushi =)

Visit the Mie Food & Tourism Fair today from 9-14 September 2014 at AEON One Utama and Mid Valley!

AEON is also giving away travel packages to Mie Prefecture, a courtesy of Apple Vacation and Convention Sdn Bhd, in a lucky draw contest with a minimum spending of RM50 in a single receipt at the fair. The prizes are travel warrant worth RM12,000, RM8,000 and RM4,000 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize respectively.

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