September 17, 2014

Find humour

I still remember the times where life was so stressful, all you could do was laugh and make jokes about being depressed, about failing, about disappointing people. When you thought exams was the most difficult part of your life until you went into working life and you start laughing again around midnight towards the in office because the deadline was so ridiculous you know there's nothing much you could do but laugh to de-stress and you're back at work to meet that ridiculous deadline. And when you thought working was the most stressful part of life until reality hits you that responsibilities are the worst! Responsibilities to your family, paying off your loans for you car, your house and then thinking about settling down and then you came to a realisation that life will always be difficult no matter what. You just have to find humour in it, laugh it off and continue living life.

Here's to laughing (L-O-U-D if you're me ^^)

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