September 8, 2014

20 facts about me

I don't normally reveal my personal life on this space. But here's some #20factsaboutme to get to know me better =)

1. I am a dessert person. I love desserts way too much and I can survive just on desserts alone ^^
These are all the desserts I had in the span of just 1 week....

Red Velvet cupcake, Upstairs cafe, Subang.

Mint choc brownie, Upstairs.

Green tea and coffee, Upstairs.

Latte, Nutmeg, Bangsar.

Pavlova meringue dessert, Nutmeg.

Pavlova cake, Grafa, Subang.

Red Velvet cake, Grafa.

2. I may be 23 but I am still a child at heart. I will always be the baby of the family and the youngest in my group of friends =)

3. I bruise very easily. It's a condition called Purpura Simplex.

4. I cannot draw to save a life. I'm just hopeless in art.

5. I laugh really L-O-U-D! Like you can hear me from the other end of the house. And it doesn't help that I laugh quite easily.

6. I'd like to think of myself as a happy go lucky person. I'm quite easy going.

7. I love colours. I love coloured contacts, coloured hair, rainbow, and just anything with colours =)

8. David Beckham will always be my first love lol


9. My family is my life and will always be.

10. For someone quite young, I get tired quite easily(don't know why!) and that's why I love to sleep! Wish that's not the case though because there's so much to life than sleep.

11. I have OCD. I cannot stand messy and dirty places. Hygiene is a must.

12. At this point in life, I don't understand why am I still clueless in my career prospects. I mean I have whatever it takes but the question of reality always comes into play. And I have to always end up succumbing to reality =(

13.  I love romance. A good romance story can always melt my heart. You know the knight in shining armour kind. I do believe in equality but when it comes to romance, I always believe guys should take the lead in a relationship.

14. I have fear of animals. Like seeing from afar is fine, but having a cat or a dog in a house makes me scream- like literally(too many embarrassing moments with cats and dogs owners)

15. For a girl, I think I can drive pretty well hehe

16. I'm okay spending money buying gifts for people but somehow I'm quite stingy spending on myself LOL...I think it's time to start doing the reverse.

17. I'm quite slow in understanding jokes. Like it takes a few people to explain to me for me to understand it hehehehe

18. I love to dance. Not choreographed but freestyle. I just love letting loose while dancing.

19. I'm quite materialistic.

20. I love to travel and be adventurous. I have no qualms travelling alone. I just like trying and seeing new things instead of just being under the shell. I make it a point to at least travel to one or two countries in a year.

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