September 1, 2014

Melbourne, Australia

I visited Melbourne, Australia for the very first time! And it was my first time travelling alone to meet a close friend there.  What a great experience it was =)

I stayed in Victoria and was around exploring Melbourne City. It was during the end of winter but it was still too cold for my Malaysian temperature hehe. The temperature was between 10 to 17 degrees Celsius.

Firstly, let me tell you about the F-O-O-D!! 
It was pricey but it was soooo goood!!
Everything there was delicious. Probably because we went in to the right cafes but then again, everything in Melbourne was fresh and yummers!

Now, coffee is a huge thing in Australia. Every other shop sells coffee. Every other person drinks a few cups of coffee daily. I'm more of a hot chocolate kind of person, but when you're in Melbourne, you gotta fit in right hehe

The food there was amazing. Pork is their number one Must Eat thing!

Pork Bagel in Manchester Press cafe.

Pork burger in Krimper cafe. 

You know how Western people are not a fan of chilli sauce? They don't have bottles of Heinz in restaurants like here in Malaysia. Lucky for me, those burgers and potato chips are delicious enough so you don't need any dips. But I'm a such a Malaysian and I actually brought my own chilli sauce packets hahahaha. It came in handy when I ate McD *laughs* I mean how to eat McD without chilli sauce??? LOL

Moving on, in Melbourne, they have a variety of cuisines. You can find any type of delicacies there from Vietnam, to Korea to even Malaysian!

We had Italian in Cafe Corretto

Salmon pizza and carbonara(above).

Desserts in Melbourne are aplenty!
They have all kinds and in any shapes and sizes.

Brunetti's desserts are the best!
You have to actually queue to get your desserts haha

Strawberry shaped cake.

Simply Spanish cafe.

Paella. Traditional Spanish rice dish.

Butter prawns.

This is the Best. Mussels. Ever.
Mussels dipped in buttermilk. Omg, I can't get enough of this!

We headed to Korean BBQ later at night.

And of course more desserts!

Profiterole dessert at Chez Dre.

I went for a 1 day trip to Philip Island and the scenery was wonderful. I was away from the city's skyscrapers and experienced the greens and the animals in the farms.

Such picturesque scenery.

Kangaroo and its joey in her 'pocket'

Koala bear and its only food-eucalyptus leaves.

The beautiful sea.

The wind was so strong I thought I would actually freeze to death at the beach LMAO!
Especially when we went to see penguins and we had to endure the strong winds at the beach, I literally thought I would die there frozen!

But the one day tour was really awesome! I got to see the 'country' side of Melbourne and see Australian native animals.

I also went to the Royal Botanical Garden and the garden was so huge as it houses so many different types of plant species.

It was during winter so some trees have no leaves.
Nevertheless, it was still a beautiful sight!

The people there were really friendly! You can just approach anyone and they will help you =)

See, this guy saw that I was taking a picture and he wanted to join in as well hahaha
Oh btw, that's the Queen Victoria market.
It's so clean! Not like our market or pasar malam here...

The city!

It's so easy to travel in the city. Just jump on the tram or you can just walk everywhere. Everything's within walking distance and people there walk everywhere because the weather is great! Although it's sunny, but the weather is still cool and windy.

Things are different there. You can drink water from the tap. You can leave chips in a packet opened for the night and it won't turn soggy. Grocery shops have self payment system. Crime rates are so low there that a girl who accidentally dropped her phone in the tram found it the next day.

Would definitely revisit Melbourne in the future <3

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