October 27, 2014

Realash progress

Remember my post on Realash Eyelash Enhancer?
Well, I promised to check back in a month's time to see my eyelashes' progress.

So I religiously applied the liquid enhancer every night for the past month.
It was easy using the applicator which was soft and the liquid was watery-like and not glue-y.
Only one stroke was needed daily.

Here's the results after a month's usage:

#noedit (Above-before, Below-after)
Not bad, huh?
My eyelashes have quite significantly grown longer as you can see evident in the comparison picture.

At a closer look, after a month, my eyelashes are thicker and longer and I was very happy to see the results!!

With mascara!
Can you notice what a huge difference it has made?

I fooled so many people by questioning them if I was wearing falsies or not. All of them including my family said I was using fake lashes LMAO. They were surprised when I told them it's my own natural lashes! Some even wanted to test by pulling out my lashes hehehehe

I will continue using Realash for another 2 months because Realash produces best results in 3 months. I can't imagine how much longer can my lashes grow hehehe *excited*

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Update: My progress after Three Months

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