October 10, 2014

bollywood PROFESSIONAL cosmetics

bollywood  PROFESSIONAL is an exciting cosmetics brand used on the film sets by the much loved Bollywood Film Industry, and is fast becoming a favourite among celebrities and women all over the world. Made in New York, and known for its high quality formulas, withstanding studio lights, hot, humid weather and ice cold climates, bollywood PROFESSIONAL is taking the limelight in the beauty industry.

The beauty bloggers of The Butterfly Project were invited to try out the wonders of bollywood PROFESSIONAL's latest cosmetic range which are now in the shelves of Muse by Watsons!

bollywood Professional first started supplying makeup to renowned makeup artists on the film sets of Bollywood, and gained much praises from those Bollywood stars on the quality of the makeup and then the brand built a strong online business, featured on UK’s ITV shopping channel. Now it is entering departments stores, like Tangs in Malaysia and Singapore, Muse by Watsons, in addition to opening bollywood PROFESSIONAL boutiques.

The Bollywood Makeup Artists reported that the foundation shades matched all skin tones, the textures were like silk. They stayed put under the heat of the studio lights. The Baked Eye-Shadow was easy to apply and stayed fresh without creasing; and the Micro-Bubble Lipstick shades were simply sexy! The Mineral Photo-Touch Foundation blended without effort and appeared to improve the integrity of the skin and the Superwear Eye-Liner and Mascara didn’t move.

Most importantly, little touch-up was required between shooting the movie scenes, saving time, effort and money! The Bollywood Movie Stars themselves, demanded bollywood PROFESSIONAL on and off the set! It was soon becoming a hit!

Powder foundation

Lip colours

Eye makeup

The shimmer is long lasting and very glittery.

The shadows are matte and high in colour pigment. Just a swipe creates a shiny colour contrast.

bollywood PROFESSIONAL has its own fragrance as well!

I love the foundation the best because it feels light yet has great coverage and gives skin a silky finish!  

The liquid lipstick is one of the best seller.
It stays on for many hours, rich in pigment, and treats your lips at the same time.

Rani Birring, the Managing Director of bollywood PROFESSIONAL with the best selling liquid lipstick.

 All of us girls were given a makeover to feel for ourselves the goodness of bollywood PROFESSIONAL.

The lip colour was a hit among us girls.
Guess which colour I chose among the three?

Electic Pink!
There's a sudden burst of colour on my lips hehe

The colour is saturated and it makes your lips full and luscious and the centre of attraction even from afar!
It does not dry up the lips but treats it and lips feel hydrated all day long.

The General Manager of Watsons gave her welcoming speech and was glad to add bollywood PROFESSIONAL as another brand in Muse by Watsons.

The gorgeous Rani who is the epitome of the brand and could even be the model of brand was very happy to share with us about bollywood PROFESSIONAL. 

While she was staying in Seoul when her husband relocated, Rani’s true passion for beauty and fashion was shared culturally, as well as her love for high quality cosmetics and skincare. Rani revelled in the Korean norm to look desirable and perfectly made-up, in 30 degrees summers and minus 10 degrees winters. 

In 2009, another move, and a new adventure began in Kuala Lumpur. It was there that Rani started her initial training as a Professional Makeup Artist and began to work on launching her cosmetics brand. Already equipped with her vast knowledge of the beauty industry and its differing markets around the world, it was clear, throughout her travels, that it was, in fact, the Bollywood Beauty Queens who epitomised beauty, everywhere.  This, and the highest quality product were to be the unique selling point and Rani’s main focus for her brand!

She took up further training as a Professional Makeup Artist in New York. New York was the place that Rani chose to manufacture and give birth to bollywood PROFESSIONAL! The energy and vibe of New York fitted the brand perfectly.  Rani and her team actively kept up with chic parties and celebrity events and of course, New York Fashion Week. Keeping up with all the latest trends and colours, and immediately representing these in the cosmetics was to keep bollywood PROFESSIONAL alive and energetic. The latest technology and innovation were used in the manufacturing process and formulas. bollywood PROFESSIONAL was hot off the red carpet!

Fully aware that she had to offer more than the existing brands did, she loaded the makeup with anti-aging ingredients, high doses of vitamins and nutrients and tested the makeup in High-Definition Studios. And it's because of this, the brand was not only famous for its pop of colours but for treating the skin and the quality of the products.

Today, Rani continues to grow bollywood PROFESSIONAL globally, and employs agents worldwide to sell her cosmetics, skincare and fragrance. She recognises that women want healthy skin and to look desirable in all climates and conditions. Women want to apply makeup with ease and little effort, and treat the skin all at the same time, in the shortest time. Women enjoy looking sexy and glamorous and keeping up with the latest trends and fashions, using high-quality products.

And its true, after getting the makeover with bollywood PROFESSIONAL, we truly looked like we all came from Bollywood with the pop of colours especially on our lips with Liquid Lipstick!
The foundation made my skin flawless, the eye make up is bold and that hue of Barbie pink is the finishing touch to a complete Bollywood look ^^

With Jennifer and Rane.

Thank you Rani for sharing with us about your brand!

Tammy, the founder of The Butterfly Project looking gorgeous after her makeover!
Thank you for bringing all of us together for this launch =)

With the butterflies =))

So girls, wait no more.
Get your very own bollywood PROFESSIONAL cosmetics in Muse by Watsons today!
For more info, visit bollywood PROFESSIONAL website and their Facebook page.

Bye! Going off to Bollywood now hehe

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