October 14, 2014

Personalised Road Tax Sticker with a safety nudge!

How would you like to have your very own personalised road tax sticker? As a girl, I love personalising my own stuffs. It makes me feel like those stuffs are "mine"! =)

Well, Malaysia Military Tag can help you personalise your road tax sticker AND include safety reminders for a safety nudge while you're driving. How's that for accessory and safety? ^^

Malaysia Military Tag is a home-grown company that sells mainly creative and customized military tag products. The company is based in Malaysia and all products are manufactured in their own factory. Besides being unique, the fact that their products can be personalized make them excellent accessories as well as gift options.

Further, they are currently selling this hot item of personalised windscreen sticker. This product serves 2 major purposes while you are driving. It can be utilised as a road tax sticker, and as a safety reminder. The uniqueness of this product is that it can be customized with photo & words to remind the driver & passenger about road safety. On top of that, it is added with drive safe logos.

This is how it looks like:

You can include your own message at the top and put either your own picture or any preferred picture.
The safety reminders are below to remind the driver not to speed, buckle up, don't use handphone and stop on red light.

It will look like this(sample).

The front is standard with a safety nudge phrase to remind other drivers of their loved ones and hence, to drive safe!

I had my very own personalised road tax sticker from Malaysia Military Tag =)
This is my first and I was excited to use it on my car! 

My wording: "I love my family"
And I chose Minions as my pictures because if you don't already know, I am obsessed with them =p and also they are tooo cute that whenever I feel bored during jam, I will look at the sticker and it will brighten up my day hehe and of course it is also related to the wording because that's a minion family picture!

This is the standard front sticker.

How it looks on my car screen?

The inside of the car(without road tax)

With road tax.
The wordings and the pictures are still very much visible although it's double sided and it didn't overlap each other.

The outside of the car(without road tax)

With my road tax.
It fits perfectly! And it stays put and is of very good quality plastic.
So, the next time someone walks past your car, he is reminded of his loved ones =)

This personalised road tax sticker only costs RM19.90 with FREE postage and you are free to choose any pictures and have your own wordings. Their products are made in their very own factory where committed staff members operate from, thus eliminating the intermediary and being able to give you the best pricing. 

They are also able to supply high volume (more than 1000pcs) of products in a very short period of time, that is within 3 days. So, if you are interested in personalised corporate gifts in bulk and want to have your very own design of road tax sticker, Malaysia Military Tag is the place to go!

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