October 25, 2014

Last week

Sad that my holidays are coming to an end ='(
I think I pretty much did what I really wanted to do before the end of the year. Some things from my bucket list have been ticked off and ate and gained weight as always during holidays!

More foooddd pics hehe

Went to Tous Les Jours, Empire Subang TWICE in a week for their brunch menu which was so yummy!

Eggs Benedict.

TLJ Breakfast set.

Price was reasonable, food was good and if you take the set options, it comes with tea/coffee.

Next was Boat Noodle, Jaya One.

It comes in a very small portion for every bowl hence why you can see pictures of people eating bowls after bowls of noodles. The noodle was very flavourful and if hunger strikes, I think one person is able to eat 20-30 bowls!
It costs RM1.90 per bowl. There's a choice of beef/chicken and two types of sauce. Again, I revisited this place a second time in a week haha

I have a habit that if I like a place so much, I will visit it again and again hehehe
Hui Lau Shan is another place I have revisited many times lol

The mango feast set has the combination of all my favourites. I love the chewy ball, the coconut noodle and the ice cream cake. Of course, mangoes are the main recipe and HLS always serve sweet mangoes<3

One restaurant that was on my bucket list was the Revolving Restaurant in KL Tower, Atmosphere 360 degrees.

It's a restaurant that slowly revolves around so that you can view Kuala Lumpur in 360 degrees.
If you are the kind that gets sea sick quite easily, you might not really enjoy eating in a revolving restaurant because although it revolves quite slowly, some people do get dizzy and feel nauseating. Also, pay extra caution of your seat number. You might get your food at the buffet table and find out your table had 'moved' because it's revolving hehehe.

Food wise, there was a wide array of desserts that caught my attention haha. It was mostly Malaysian food but nothing to really boast about. The food was just okay but it was the spectacular view and the revolving restaurant that made it on my bucket list hehe

Ah well, whad'ya know! I went back to Dialogue in the Dark for a second time as well! 

This time with friends around me to share my experience with them and since previously, it was a half tour, this time I went for the full one hour tour. It was still definitely a scary experience to know nothing in the dark and be so insecure. You should try it at least once and it keeps you humble.

I am a redhead once again! Although red fades quite easily, somehow I am still really drawn to this colour. So every once a year, I will always get my hair dyed red in a saloon. Although I know in a month or two, it will turn copper >.<

Focus on hair colour. Ignore my moo cow froyo #ilovedesserttoomuch


Now, everytime I wash my hair, it's like I'm draining and dripping blood all over >.<
But I still love it!! Red suits me the best IMHO =)
Read my hair colour journey HERE

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