October 1, 2014

Dining in the Dark, Changkat, Bukit Bintang

I had a personal experience dining in the dark(literally) in total darkness where it was an extraordinary gastronomic experience. I just wanted to share why everyone, at least once in their lifetime should experience eating with using only your four other senses.

Remember my experience in Dialogue in the Dark? That was scary enough walking inside total darkness with just a walking stick following the guide's voice. This time around, in Dining in the Dark restaurant, Changkat, Bukit Bintang(not related to Dialogue), I ate a full course meal in a total of 2 hours in the dark. Fuh! That's a record for me. I thought I wouldn't survive since I was really scared walking like a blind person and now not knowing what you're putting in your mouth? That's a whole different ball game.

Why you should try it? Because you would appreciate your eyesight even better and not be ignorant of the blind people who live in total darkness everyday of their lives. I asked my guide, how does he do it? How does he know which table to bring us? How does he know among the maze of the tables, where to walk so that you don't bump into other tables? His answer: You create a vision in your mind. You picture where tables are going to be and then you walk through it. Wow! Just wow, huh? How these people adapt in life which is not blind-friendly is really amazing.

So, when you first step into the restaurant, you will be greeted by friendly people who will first serve you with a pre-drink to get you started in the whole 'dark' experience because you need to guess what is in your drinks. Then there's pre-dinner games to prepare yourself when you're in the dark.

After that, you will be brought in by your blind guide who will then guide you to your table and give you instructions on the position of your cutleries so that you don't knock anything down. Appetizer is first, followed by an interlude, the main course and finally desserts.

The menu is a surprise. You wouldn't know what you're eating until you taste them. Be sure to let them know early if you're allergic to certain things or you have any preference.

You will be surprised at the amount of things you're eating. There are small portions of different dishes which will put your taste buds to the test. You will definitely enjoy the entire experience from the start to the finish. There will be waiting time in between each course so probably wait around 10 minutes after finishing your appetizer to the serving of the interlude. Use that time to 'bond' with your partner who is seated next to you but where you can't see. I actually felt a little insecure in the dark but voices from other tables helped a bit knowing there are people around hehe You will learn to use your four other senses to keep you secure, to find your food, to find your drink, to get the straw or spoon in your mouth instead of your nose and to not depend on your mobile phone to keep you company. Then you will really feel thankful how your sight has helped you so much through these little things that sometimes we take for granted.

At the end of the dinner, you will be given the menu so that you will know what you ate during dinner. See if you could guess them right. I sucked at guessing LOL. My taste buds failed me >.<

It was definitely a memorable experience. You're not only paying for the food but for the entire experience from guessing the pre- drinks to eating in the dark and finally the reveal of the menu. It's a humbling experience to know what it's like to be blind for a few hours and this restaurant creates awareness on how blind people go through in their daily lives. I'm only sharing based on my personal journey and this is not a review.

Try eating blind at Dining in the Dark, Changkat =)

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