October 5, 2014

A walk among the tombstones

At first glance at the movie poster, I didn't think much about this movie. I didn't see the trailer so I wasn't sure what was this movie about. However, there's Liam Neeson! I really love his movies. His movies are pretty decent and more so after Taken, I have been a fan of him. So I went to watch A Walk among the Tombstones.

This movie is based on a best selling series of mystery novels. Liam Neeson acts as an ex-NYPD cop who now works as an unlicensed private investigator. When he reluctantly agrees to help a heroin trafficker hunt down the men who kidnapped and then brutally murdered his wife, the PI learns that this is not the first time these men have committed this sort of twisted crime...nor will it be the last. Blurring the lines between right and wrong, he races to track the deviants before they kill again.

So, it was a detective kind of story. The murderers were sick people- they rape girls, chop and kill them @.@ It was somewhat similar to Frozen Ground and these two stories really freak the hell outta me. I don't know where humans get the courage to chop another human -.-

Anyway, some parts were slow moving and I didn't get the title name until mid movie. Action wise, it wasn't very intense, but if you're looking for a leisure past time movie, this might be good =)

My rating: 3 stars

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