December 26, 2014

Realash final review

I have been using Realash Eyelash Enchancer for 3 months now and you would be surprised by the results! Check out my first and second post for progress. Realash produces best results in 3 months.

After the second post, I thought it was not possible for my eyelash to grow any longer than it has. How wrong was I!

Top- before Realash
 Middle- 1 month after Realash
 Down- 3 months after Realash
What a huge difference since the first picture huh?

So, it really works! You gota be patient, apply daily for 3 months for best results and flaunt your long lashes everywhere =)

And so happens, 3 months is up during Christmas season and I've been flaunting my long lashes everywhere ^^ Now, I can apply mascara with confidence and go out to parties without falsies. I can have dramatic lashes effect even without falsies. Just a coat or two of mascara and I'm out!

Now, I do not have to apply Realash daily but only once or twice a week to maintain the length of my lashes.

I'm sooo happy with the results ='))

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