December 5, 2014

esmé Clinic Carbon Blast Laser Skin Facial Treatment (plus giveaway)

I've had oily skin since forever and with oily skin, I have very big pores which bothers me all the time. I have been trying all ways to control the oil so that my face appear glowing and healthy, not oily with huge pores ='(

esmé Clinic approached me with this Carbon Blast Laser Skin Facial Treatment which can enhance the skin’s radiance and promote a smooth, glowing complexion. Of course, I'm up to try this treatment! Who doesn't want healthy glowing skin?
Read more to find out and at the end there's a giveaway as well =))

So, as you can see my pores are my biggest skin problem!

Lucky for me, the Carbon Blast Treatment offers these benefits:

-Deep cleansing
-Remove blackheads, whiteheads, pimples & acne scars
-Reduce pigmentation
-Whitening & shrink pores
-Control excessive sebum or remove dead skin cells
-Refine & face skin shaping

These are what my skin need exactly ^^

And so, off I went to Jaya One where esmé Clinic is located.

The cozy resting place with sofas.

I had a consultation with the in house doctor, Dr. Sivah to introduce to me about their aesthetic treatments. He was showing me that I could get fillers for my nose and you're never too young for Botox.
Well, next time perhaps? =)

Deep in conversation explaining to me how he's going to perform a Botox injection on one of the customer...

Was lucky to witness it to see first hand how is it done.
Just a swab on the affected areas..

And a few shots of injections..

to make the face to have a V shape and slimmer looking.

The customer mentioned it was not very painful and procedure was done within minutes! The effect can be seen after a week or so. So, if you're interested drop by esmé Clinic for consultation.

Now, it's my turn! See, oily face >.< I'm getting rid of that oiliness!

Carbon is applied on the face.
The famous Carbon Ion Nano-Lambency therapy combines the ND: YAG (1064 nm) laser and Carbon Ion Powder to effectively brighten skin, reduce open pores, reduce pigmentations and stimulate the regeneration of the collagen fiber of skin.

Pores will be significantly visible after application of carbon powder -.-

The eye mask is put on to protect the eyes from the laser light.

Initially I was quite afraid of the laser treatment simply because it's laser! Meaning it will be painful and skin might be more sensitive after the 'burning'.
How wrong was I! It was not that painful. It just feels like a slight burning sensation but not painful at all. You can smell some burning smell because of the carbon powder but nothing to worry about.

I felt fine and it only lasted for less than 10 minutes.

Done! As you can see, no more traces of carbon powder because every 'shot' of laser will diminish the powder.

Cleansing time.

My skin right after the laser. My pores were instantly smaller and skin was much brighter due to the removal of dead skin cell.

The laser also made some of my blackheads pop out better and so my therapist, Sylvia did some minor extractions for me.

Application of mask to soothe my skin.

Water was sprayed to lock in moisture.

And, of course, results is the most important. Here it is:

Before(left), After(right)
No explanation needed. My skin was smoother and pores were smaller.
Of course I cannot expect my pores to be completely gone in just one treatment but only 1 treatment produced quite good results.

See the significant reduction of my pores.

Yes, my skin was quite bad before this (covers face) but now it's so much better thanks to the Carbon Blast Laser Skin Facial Treatment =))

So normal price is RM720 BUT...
for first time trial, you can get this treatment for only RM149!!
Get this voucher from MilkADeal and you don't want to miss it.

And now just for Dreamer readers, esmé Clinic is offering you a FREE V-Lift Treatment.
There are 20 FREE treatments to be given away.

All you have to do is:
1. Like esme FB page and
2. Inbox or call them to mention my name(Blogger Esther) and make an appointment for your free treatment.

That's all. It's that easy!
Hurry up because offer ends on 20th December 2014.

For more info:
esmé Clinic
No. 65-1, Block D, Jaya One,
No.72a, Jalan University,
46200 Petaling Jaya. 

Tel: 03-7955 1491


  1. haha i need that too for my moon face! XD

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