December 29, 2014

The Butterfly Project Christmas party

The Butterfly Project had a Christmas party last week at The Apartment, The Curve. It was an event for all the butterflies to get together and the party had close to 100 butterflies in attendance.

The Apartment was decorated beautifully in line with the Christmas theme.

We were given a beauty box each to review after the party.

4 different types of sticker design on the beauty box hehe

Wee~ Beauty Box filled with love!
The box was heavy and everyone was eager to find out what's inside.
Stay tuned for my review on the products in it ^^


Kay was emcee of the day.

Tammy, founder of the Butterfly Project giving her welcoming speech =)

Turkey for all of us! The Apartment sponsored two turkeys for us.


More food!

Fruit cake for dessert.

Nom noms

Christmas tree filled with presents for Secret Santa ^^

Camwhore with other Butterflies~

Edazz Lucinda singing a Christmas carol and 'Let It Go'

Choy Peng's duet with Edazz on 'Let It Go'
Both of them had really good voices!

Representative from Garnier spoke to us. They were so generous in sponsoring our door gift.

Then we were divided into teams.
Arpita was our team leader and we were team 'Love'.

We had to come up with a new name for ourselves and we chose #beeUtifly
which means Butterflies Unite!
That's our team wefie.

Guess what? We actually won best creative team name hahaha
Gift was a product from esse.

Exchange of gifts time. Santarina Chency was in charged of Secret Santa and she had to distribute gifts to all of us hehe


Wee~ I've been wanting to try Bath & Body Works <3
Thank you my Secret Santa, whoever you are =)

All of us had a great time and it was a great time mingling around seeing old and new faces. Tammy did a wonderful job organising everything and getting in sponsorship for us and honestly I love Secret Santa the most. It was so much fun buying for someone you don't know and getting gifts from a stranger and witnessing everyone was so eager to find out what their Secret Santa gave them hehe

Till next year~

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  1. Love your Xmas Gift. Bought some for myself in SG too! Have not visited the Bath And Body Works at Nu Sentral yet. Am a fan of their products :)