December 8, 2014

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2014

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is BACCCKKKK!!! Book-a-holics this is the place you should visit!

24 hours non stop from 5th to 16th December!!

I went on the first night itself and boy were there soooo many people. There's a book for everyone there be it you're young, a teenager, an adult or a senior citizen! There's over 3 million books with discounts up to 75-95%!

MIECC was hugee and it's good that it's such a huge place so that people don't feel suffocated in there. 

Book lovers, you will go crazy in there hehe

I don't know if it was the first day craze but at that night, we were caught in quite a massive jam where everyone wanted to go into the convention. And that was at 12am! I think there's always a crowd at any hour haha

There were many books of different genre and you can spend hours in there looking through books. I was there for almost 3 hours and I had a backache from searching through books after books LOL I didn't know buying books can be quite tiring hehe

If you're a real book worm, bring a suitcase and arrange them in it or if not, BBW provide boxes for you. There's food upstairs if you're hungry and there are many stores outside on display to buy posters, shirts, subscription to magazines etc. It's quite a carnival in the convention centre =)

Well, I'm a practical person and I know for sure if I bought way too many books, I wouldn't have time to read them all LOL So I bought the ones that I would read for sure ^^ Hence, not much damage to my pocket hehe

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