December 9, 2014

Pizza San Francisco food review

Pizza San Francisco is no stranger to me and my friends. In fact, I have been to the Kota Kemuning branch many times to date.

Coincidentally, Pizza San Francisco at Kota Kemuning held a food review for us bloggers to let us try their signature yummylicious dishes and to introduce their Christmas dish. I have always been a fan and I was delighted to be part of the group to review their dishes.

Cozy environment where my friends and I would sit for long hours to chat!

Their menu with so many choices to choose from.

They have six branches to date.

So, let's get to the yummy part! Their dishes are all mainly delicious hence why I have revisited this place many times. But let me introduce some of their signature:

Lime Special (RM5.90)
Don't be fooled by the name. It is not that sour but a mix of sweet and sour which is a thirst quencher. I love this drink especially with that asam boi hehe

Mushroom Bruschetta for starter (RM7.90)
I have a thing for breads. Hence, I'm quite bias towards this starter and I could eat this all day!
The bread was soft, the cream was cooked to perfection and it was a combination of everything delicious.

Seafood soup (RM15.90)
Again don't be fooled by the colour. Not to worry, this soup is not spicy but very light and refreshing. The seafood were all very fresh! I would prefer it a bit more spicy but if you like it spicy, you could always ask them to add in chilli flakes =)

Cioppino with seafood (RM21.90)
This is spaghetti in mixed herb sauce. Another favourite! The pastas in PSF are generally very yummy!

Same goes to the Baked Fish(17.90)
If you prefer fish rather than seafood, by all means this baked fish with spaghetti, sliced ginger, wild mushroom, garlic, chilli flakes and basil leaves will satisfy your taste buds.

Pizzaido(RM28.90 for large)
This pizza is a combination of mozarella cheese, chilli, mushroon, minced chicken and onion. Also, spot those chilli padi lying on top of the pizza. 

Mmm cheesy!
The crust is different from your normal pizza, It is thin and crunchy but actually I would prefer soft and chewy crust. It was supposed to be spicy but to me it still lacked spiciness haha prolly my tongue is too burnt with chilli all these years =p

Now, this is my favourite dish out of all!
Baked Lamb (RM59.90)
This is an oven baked lamb in honey mint sauce served with sides.
Just looking at it makes my mouth watery *slrrp* The lamb was baked to perfection, it's not tough and it has just the right chewy-ness plus the honey mint sauce tops it all off! The side vegetables were tasty as well and I'm in love with the carrots haha This is a MUST-TRY in PSF.

San Special (RM31.90 for large)
This is PSF's signature pizza with its unique shape. It's a 2-in-1; half a calzone with turkey salami(in the centre) and half a pizza with minced chicken, cherry tomato, garlic, chilli and mozarella cheese. One or two bites will be very filling because it's packed with stuffings! Guys would love this and the tomato puree is made of 18 different types of herbs! This is one fulfilling dish!

Now, PSF is introducing this Salmon Bread Crumb as a Christmas special (RM27.90)
This is a Norwegian salmon cooked with bread crumbs so that the outside is crispy and the inside is soft topped with a citrus dressing with sides to complete the dish. This is another must try this Christmas! It tickles the taste buds because it's very flavourful.

Another popular drink in PSF is the Ice Blended Kasturi (RM8.90)

What would a meal be without desserts? hehe
A classic mascarpone cream cake with finger sponge. The cake is soft and creamy but I preferred the Creme Brulee...

Creme Brulee(RM4.90)
This popular cream egg custard is hard on the surface with the 'sugar glass' but soft underneath with custard. It's light and tasty and it was a good ending to our food-filling night =)

PSF's chief executive chef spoke to us and talked about PSF. He has been with PSF for more than 10 years and he has been improving the menu from time to time. Remember the salmon bread crumb? Yeap, he came up with that dish and cooked it for us! He knows his food well and such an experienced person!

Well, thank you PSF for a wonderful night of eating, eating and non stop eating hehe
We definitely went home with a bulging tummy!

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  1. Yeah true my dear!! I think Pizza San Francisco restaurants are no stranger to anyone. I have been to this restaurant many times with my family. I love their every dish and I always order a Lime special. But I never ordered Mushroom Bruschetta for starter and it looks so yummy. I will try this next time.