December 2, 2014

Gone Girl movie review

There were not many great movies this year much to my disappointment. However, Gone Girl was an exception and it was a really good movie to end 2014 hehe

This movie was based on a novel with the same name.
Okay, to be very honest, because I saw that Ben Affleck was acting in this movie, it made me want to watch this movie haha...I mean, just look at that face! *swoon*
He directed a similar movie of a missing person before; his directing debut in Gone Baby Gone and I think he's naturally drawn to these kind of mystery, drama/thriller movies. And because he's in a position to choose, I felt that he has been doing really great movies these past few years and I love all of them.

This movie is what the title is all about- a girl gone missing. But it's not as simple as that. The movie was told in a very clever way with flashes of the past and the present to unravel the mystery of Nick Dunne's(Ben Affleck) missing wife, Amy(Rosamund Pike).

They were portrayed as such a perfect couple in the beginning, but everything went downhill on their 5th wedding anniversary, when Nick couldn't find his wife and one after another, pieces of stories, lies, clues were unravelled. 

All evidence were pointing towards Nick that he killed his wife and he had to go out of his ways to prove otherwise. The entire 2 and half hours were used wisely to tell Nick's side and Amy's side(from her diary) of the story. It was very interesting on how the story has its own twists that you never expected.

Credits have to be given to Rosamund Pike's acting. She can be that ice cold queen to a devoted wife and many more facets revealed in the movie.

The movie will leave you with a sense of uneasiness knowing in every relationship there could be one like Nick and Amy. Sound mysterious enough? Go watch it and be mind blown!

My rating: 4 stars

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