January 2, 2018

New Year 2018

Happy New Year everyone!!

In 2017 I wrote certain resolutions. Again, I did not achieve all my goals but nevertheless, I think I did pretty well last year. I would say 2017 was a rather roller coaster year. They were many ups and downs in terms of my career, relationships and just overall but at the end of it, everything happened for a reason and thank God it all ended well. I have learnt that you can't take control of everything and if it doesn't go well, we just have to put a stop and take a step back on how to rectify the situation. I mentioned that I would be making many important decisions and indeed 2017 was a year of decisions for me. There were so many to make and I hope I made the right choices. I will be closing a chapter in 2018 and will be taking the road less taken and embarking on a new journey ahead.

I also mentioned that I hoped to travel more often in 2017 and I did just that which I was very happy about but my bank account wasn't too happy about it HAHA. I went to Bangkok again, first time in the USA Houston, TexasLos Angeles, California, London, England which I managed to visit due to a transit. I also managed a local retreat at Acacia Retreat, Bentong. Then walked wayy too much in Beijing, China and finally spent 2 weeks in Seoul, Korea. Overall, I managed to experience so much through my travels and I definitely hope to travel more every year and to see the world and all its beauty =)

Blogging wise, I was very happy that I could still find time to write and even had a full page Interview with Famehitz and managed to maintain this blog with all the working and the travels that happened last year. I'm so glad this blog still kept me company during my lonely times and that I never gave up writing because this is also where I find solace during my free time. Although I did not produce many posts last year, but I still hope to continue writing and with all your support, to keep this blog alive!

Nothing changed in the food department hahaha...I am still gaining weight >.< But I loved that I managed to tick off certain restaurants in my bucket list such as The Orchid Conservatory, Majestic KL, Fuego Sky Dining, drinks at Marini's, tried omakase fine dining at Babe and so many others. No wonder, I stopped weighing myself HAHA But luckily I still managed to be consistent with exercising at least once a week.

I am super blessed to have people who love me surrounding me. I am so grateful for the many things that happened last year and one of those things...

...is being engaged to the love of my life =)) I'm still contemplating whether I should do a blogpost about it hehe because it's very personal to me <3

This is another exciting journey to go through. Planning my own wedding is something I am looking forward to and it's so exciting yet scary #leveluptoadulthood

2018 will be a very eventful year I reckon. There are so many changes happening and I hope to brave through all of it and come out smiling and living my dreams =)

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