January 12, 2018

Taskzon- connecting property users to agents

It's the new year and therefore a new you. I'm pretty sure at the start of the year, everyone has their own resolutions- be it to be a better person, to be richer, to buy your dream car etc. What's mine? I have many but the most prominent is buying my wedding house with the other half.

But just like you, I do not like to go through the hassle of going for site visits, looking at houses after houses, going through agents after agents, and then once they got hold of my number, to spam messages of new launching which I am not interested, and then have to filter to find the suitable home.

Lucky for me I came across 'Taskzon'. Taskzon is a property app which lets buyers/owners/tenants to use this app for free and to connect us with agents who specializes in my area of interest.

Unless you're in the property line, you're most likely not an expert in properties and don't really know the type of properties, whether it is under master title, strata title, cheap properties within a certain area, freehold, leasehold etc. So, what I would suggest is that leave those to the experts.

All you have to do is download 'Taskzon' app and they will do the work for you.

The concept of Taskzon is to match buyers/tenants/owners to agents who are that particular area specialist. When you intend to buy/sale/rent property, you would definitely have an area of interest in mind. With that, Taskzon will connect you to an agent who specializes in that area.

 Firstly, download the app in your phone. Currently, it is available in Android phones. Those with Iphones, you will need to wait a few more weeks for the app to launch in AppStore.

Then, you can sign up as a user or an agent.

Register yourself.

Then click whether you want to buy, sell or rent.
I am interested in buying, so I have clicked on 'Buy'.

Purpose and type of preference.

Then, key in what you're looking for in the property you're buying or renting.

Thereafter, you will create an 'ad' and then, your 'ad' will be spreaded to the agents who specializes in your area of preference.

Now, here's the best part. You mobile number will not be forwarded to any agents so you won't kena spam left and right. If an agent has a property which matches your criteria, he/she will private message you through a private chatroom. So your privacy is maintained.

Choose to accept chatting with the agent and if it's something you were looking for, you can then make an appointment to meet at the Property. Easy peasy! No need for research by clicking ads after ads to find your dream home =)

Benefits for users:
❖Free Registration, Free Listing
❖Saves time
- Time wasted on property research is unnecessary
- Submit your request in less than 1 minute & let Taskzon serve you
❖ Private Chatroom
- Information that has been transferred between parties are protected confidentially
❖Deal with Verified & Quality Agents
- Quality Agents : Reviewed & rated by users.
- Verified Agents : Verified by sms verification code
- Taskzon team will contact the agency of particular agent for verification

Not only does Taskzon benefits buyers/seller/tenants, but it's very useful for agents as well.

Property agents have various ways of marketing and they do spend a lot in marketing their properties. Sometimes, they have to pay more for their listings to be featured and worst if doing cold calls, sure kena scolding one. By using Taskzon, they do not have to post any listings. In fact, buyers/sellers/tenants are the ones posting their 'ad' and then use the app to match agents.

Comparison table.

Benefits of agents:
✅ Get potential buyers in the most efficient and effective way

❌ Post new listing

❌ Featured listing

✅ Extra profit via Co – Agency

✅ Time efficiency

Oh, and the plus point is that since they have newly launched this app, they have a very good promotional rate for agents.

Check out the app for yourself! Hope to be able to find my dream home through this app *crosses fingers*

For more info visit:
Taskzon Facebook page

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