January 15, 2018

Mentholatum Lano Soft and Lip Crayon

Mentholatum is always coming up with new innovations for better lip care and to make our lips beautiful. Great looking lips requires care and nourishment and it’s effortless when you have the right product! Mentholatum has just the lipbalm for your every need whether it’s for dry and chapped lips, dull, sensitive or any less than perfect lip conditions. This latest edition, does not only deeply moisturises the lips but it also helps maintain soft lips.

Lano Soft – the latest Mentholatum lipbalm edition offers consumers a unique experience with its new formulation that uses Premium Pharmaceutical Grade Lanolin and Essence Extract that is purified using Japan’s cutting-edge purification technology.

The secret is Lanolin which is also known as wool fat or wool wax - a secretion from the sebaceous of glands sheep. A typical high purity grade Lanolin is composed of a predominantly long chain of waxy esters (approximately 97% by weight) with the remaining mixtures being Lanolin Alcohols, Lanolin Acids and Lanolin Hydrocarbons. Lanolin is a popular moisturising agent in skincare, haircare and especially in lipbalm products. It is an effective moisturiser. The waxy texture allows easy application with just a glide and upon application, the Lanolin seals-in moisture naturally thereby preventing it from drying out. It also absorbs moisture from the air, thus moisturising the lips while rejuvenating it.

There is no animal cruelty associated with harvesting of the Lanolin. The use of Lanolin in cosmetics and skincare has a history longer than almost any other ingredient.

With Lano Soft, you can enjoy the following:

Moisturising – Apart from Lanolin, it also contains superior natural moisturising ingredients such as Jojoba Oil, Argon Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil and Rosemary Leaf Extract that deeply moisturise lips and improve the appearance of fine lines.

High Protection – No matter what the weather condition is, your lips are protected with Lano Soft. Lanolin contains cholesterol which is especially important for the skin’s barrier function. It forms a protective barrier on the lips to nourish and protect it from the dry, cold and harsh weather conditions.

Gentle and Soft – Not only does Lano Soft feels gentle and soft on your skin, it also helps your lips stay soft and moisturised. It is free from artificial fragrance and colourant and also mild with low irritation.

I must say, among all Mentholatum lipbalms, this is quickly becoming my favourite because you only need one swipe and it's super moisturising. Perfect for travelling to cold countries which I will be soon and will definitely be packing this into my handbag as it comes in handy.

 The Lano Soft Lipbalm is priced at RM19.50 and is available at all leading pharmacies and major supermarket outlets.

Now, if you're looking for a mix between lip care and lip colour then the new Lip Crayon Lip Balm serves not only as a lip enhancer, but also nourishes lips with bountiful moisture! Whether it’s for an everyday look or for a special occasion, the all-new Mentholatum Lip Crayon Lip Balm is just the right pick for you; all you need is only an easy glide to instantly transform lips into a glowing healthy, pink and moisturised looking lips.             

It is formulated not only to add a subtle pop of colour to the lips, but its moisturising properties also ensure that lips remain moisturised throughout the day. Contrary to any other ordinary lip crayons, this Mentholatum Lip Crayon Lip Balm is ultra-moisturizing as it is infused with moisturising ingredients that include the Argon Oil and Meadowform Seed Oil to help hydrate, nourish and protect lips, leaving lips smooth and hydrated even after long hours of application.

Left to Right- Shades 01 to 04

Designed to enhance your overall makeup look, the latest Mentholatum Lip Crayon Lip Balm comes in four different gorgeous pink shades to suit different skin tones. With just a simple glide, this super nourishing lip crayon instantly gives you a truly beautiful, sheer and soft lip colour.

In no particular order, these are the swatches.





Application tip: Glide on extra layers for a more vibrant tinted colour.

The lips above are only 1 layer so it's a soft sheer colour. Loving the pinkish 03 colour and for vibrant red, 01 is in a perfect shade of red. Shade 02 and 04 are in betweens for those who prefer lighter shades of pink. When applied, it has a slight cooling effect and I love minty feeling. Also, the shape of the 'crayon' makes it very easy to apply without smudging.

The Mentholatum Lip Crayon Lip Balm is fragrance free and is retailed at RM 19.90 (3g). It is made available at all leading pharmacies and hypermarkets starting January 2018.

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