July 20, 2014

Tokyo Luxey Beauty Box

I recently introduced Tokyo Luxey in my previous post.

And Tokyo Luxey have their very own beauty box! Woot Woots!

It is their TV Show "TOKYO-LUXE" Special Edition Gift Box!
It costs $32.00.
Click HERE for more information.

Keen to find out what's inside?
All products are from Japan!

These are some of the products in the beauty box.
If you don't already know, Japanese products have the cutest and nicest packaging =)

Make It & Co Organic Aroma Washing Oil and Balancing Day Cream.

The wash oil is made of organic soybean oil with essential oils.

Just rub a small amount on dry skin or on make-up and massage gently. Rinse with lukewarm water. It leaves your skin feeling supple and emollient.

Then apply the Balancing Day Cream accordingly.

It is a light and moisturising cream with witch hazel flower water and apricot kernel oil.
It tones up pores and prevents the skin from dry damage.

Fleur De Mer Essential Cream
This is not included in the beauty box.
You can purchase separately from Tokyo Luxey HERE

This is a day and night cream for normal skin. Acting as a foundation for beautiful skin, this cream restores radiance to the skin with perfect moisture and elasticity.
Powerful moisturizing effects result in youthful, lustrous skin. This light-wearing cream’s characteristic is its smooth feel on the skin. 

Just apply a small amount and it easily absorbs into skin making skin feel velvety.

YAY! Skin is now prep for make-up!
All the products above did not overly dry my skin nor make my skin feel oily.
It is a great base to now apply makeup. 

First up, Japan's No.1 Multi Award winning BB Cream, Evangelist BB Cream with SPF 31 PA ++
The cream has concealing ability as well as skin care benefits that come from its beauty ingredients, such as placenta and EGF. 

It's moisturising properties make application easy when it glides easily on skin.

It is so light that you will even forget you are wearing it!
It also gives skin a slight glow.

24h Cosme Around the Clock Natural Powder Foundation.

This powder foundation can last for 24 hours with no harm to skin.

Just gently apply all over skin to create a matte effect.

Next is Ohyama Metal Magic Liner.

If you like to add a little sparkle to your eyes, this is perfect for you!

Just apply your normal eyeliner first and apply the sparkle directly above the liner.

A sparkly effect perfect for a normal day out or add on more for a party night out.

This is Japan's most famous mascara!
Fairydrops Platinum Waterproof Mascara.

This is their patented curly wand.

What's so great about this wand is that it captures all the eyelashes at one go because it follows the eyes' curve.

Result: A volumising effect!

Lastly, KOJI Lash Concierge delicate falsies to complete the look!

Honestly, I'm not much of a fan of falsies because to me mascara is enough.
However, I'm now a convert because of KOJI!
Man, this eyelashes are so natural and so delicate and you wouldn't even realise you're wearing falsies yet having the perfect lashes!!

Just look at how delicate and natural it is!

Use the glue provided and gently stick it on.

Gorgeous! Gorgeous.
I love me lashes!!

The Final Look:

Purely Japanese products from the beauty box <3

Which means...
More selfies =p

It is so natural and you never knew they were so many steps involved to come up with this look.

And of course, what's Japanese if not for that "peace" sign =)

Me love ALL the products!!
I've always been a fan of Japanese products.
They never let me down.


The transformation!

Thank you so much Tokyo Luxey!!
If you're a big fan of Japanese products and can't get your hands on those products here in Malaysia, head on to Tokyo Luxey and get yourself your very own beauty box =)


  1. O.O Half of the products are given in full sized.. That is worth the price~

  2. Yeahh it's definitely worth the price =) Plus we can't get them here.