July 15, 2014

Tokyo Luxey for the Luxe community

Please let me introduce you to TokyoLuxey.com. Tokyo Luxey is a “luxe” community that features  Japanese-made beauty and lifestyle-related information and products of genuine high quality.

In addition, Tokyo Luxey is building a luxe community for women around the world to turn to. From sharing videos of skincare techniques from famous makeup artists to arranging regional meetups to meet beauty and lifestyle stars, Tokyo Luxey is supporting the luxe demographic like never before. They also provide solutions to your beauty-related worries, and do whatever else to help you actualize a LUXE lifestyle & beauty.

Nothing surpasses products originating from Japan. They are safe and reliable while simultaneously possessing exceptional functionality, and they are all-in-all thrilling products. They carefully select products from Japan that fill this narrative of genuinely superior goods to introduce to the "Luxeys".

Luxeys are trendsetters, and they support and engage a team of women who have the power to rapidly spread information via blogs and social media. Through product reviews and by word of mouth, they intend to spread real, substantive information. Via product development collaborations with the Luxeys, they are providing a specialized service for the luxe demographic that has never existed before.

And so, Tokyo Luxey had their first ever meet up in Malaysia.
It was held in Acme Bar and Coffee, Troika, KL.

It was a rather small gathering session to introduce to us what Tokyo Luxey is really all about.

Of course, me as the dessert person, ordered Acme's famous sizzling brownie with Oreo ice cream.

Hmm..I think it is overrated. I was quite disappointed because not only was it a bit dry but it even had some burnt parts because of the sizzle in the hot pan. 

Oh well, moving back to Tokyo Luxey...
Chie Maeda, the Managing Director of Tokyo Luxey gave us a breakdown on what to expect as a Luxey.

She introduced famous products all the way from Japan and we were all fascinated because Japanese makeup as you know are awesome!

We even get to try out and feel the goodness of the products ourselves =)

These products are part of Tokyo Luxey's Beauty Box.
Yeap, you read that right! 
They have their very own beauty box as well <3

Find out more about it HERE

With the other bloggers.

There's a continuation to this.

Find out how awesome are those Japanese products when I review them to create a natural look:

Stay tuned!!

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