February 20, 2013

Early mornings

I've always been that person who sleeps past midnight and wakes up around noon =p
Never been much of a morning person! In fact morning classes can literally just make me doze off but evening classes don't. But I found out, people who wakes up early, are very much more efficient. They wake up early, do their errands and by noon they are done and can catch up on more important stuffs.

So, I thought perhaps I should try the same. Just maybe wake up 1 hour earlier than my usual time. Not much but nevertheless, I got to finish up some errands all before lunch! That's quite efficient I think. Usually, only after lunch I'll be dragging my butt to do the things I'm supposed to, but waking up earlier makes me a bit more efficient #truestory I'm a bit more productive these days *laughs*

As they said, the early bird catches the worm and too much rest leads to laziness.
Try waking up a bit earlier rather than rushing for things....I bet your productivity level will increase in no time =)

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