February 18, 2013

How I spent CNY?

As every Chinese, I spent Chinese New Year with food, food, food and more food!!!! The guilt is starting to set in when I see my bulging tummy =(( Now, I have to avoid bodycon dresses -__-

Anyhows, here's another food post hehe

Yee sang, meat and veges!! Now I see meat, I runnn!!!! I'm going vegetarian for the next weeks!!

Seriously delicious red velvet cake with cream cheese topping *slrrp*

The mandarin oranges basket that I decorated ^^ All the 'lokam' this year are really sweet!

Cookies!! If you can see the choc container, it was filled with chocs and before CNY, it was gone -.-

More cookies! Love playing with the fortune cookies hehe All these containers were refilled a few times already! 

Choc moist steam home made cake *slrrp*

Macaroons anyone? ^^

Look what I saw!! My cousins iphone cover *laughs* How cuuttteeeee!!!

My OOTD- orange-y peplum dress and #make for 1st day of CNY. 

The much needed break was such a relief from all the hectic-ness!! It was a week of celebration and now it's back to reality XD Hope all of you enjoyed your holidays as well!! 
So, when's the next break already? XD

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