February 22, 2013

First time voter

So look who I saw in the neighbourhood?

Well, opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim giving a speech for the coming election.

I'm not into politics, really. If you had seen me, I was a bit of an outcast there *laughs* But I will be a first time voter this year! *a bit excited* =p
And so I just went with family and heard him talk to see what he had to say and decide to whom I should vote for LOL
But he was pretty hilarious I must say. He jokes about himself, things, other people and he got the crowd going!

You know he arrived when the lion dance starts.

Also some fireworks display. The neighbourhood had not been that lively- ever!

He wrote some Chinese words and lou sang with some of his counterparts.

The crowd!

My place is governed by the opposition and hence he had soo many supporters!! I have never seen such atmosphere before in my life. They were shouting 'Reformasi!' and all were so ignited when he arrived. I was actually scared with some really hardcore politics people that might ended up in a brawl -.-

It was my first time at any election speech and first time hearing him speak. Now, after hearing what he and his party has to offer, now I think I would like to listen what the other party has to offer hehe
So, is Najib coming to Shah Alam anytime soon? *laughs*

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