February 3, 2013

Garnier light complete

I've always been darker than most Chinese and I have been trying many whitening products to make me look fairer and less dull looking!

Thanks to Garnier, I've got to try out their Light Complete Multi Action Whitening Cream. 

Its claim: Removes dullness and dark spots, boost radiance and smooth skin texture. 

It even has an extra protection of SPF 17 which is good for a day out.

The cream is white in colour and it's not watery. The texture is really creamy and rich.

Just apply on the entire face.

It smoothens my skin and makes me look fairer. It even makes my skin radiant!

It has a matte finish, making my skin radiant and less dull. Further, it lightens my brown spots after using for 2 weeks. This cream is also affordable.

However, I realised due to its creamy and rich texture, it's not very suitable for oily skin people as it tends to clog up my pores resulting in acnes. Therefore, I try not to put full on cream to the entire face and just on my acne scars to lighten them. Perhaps, this cream is more suitable for those with dry skin.

But it does make you look fairer after application even with no makeup!

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