August 5, 2010

More movies

Frankly speaking, Angelina Jolie looks better in the poster than the entire movie. She looked skinny and old! But enough of her looks, not really a fan of her so-called sultry lips anyway but the stunts in the movie was fantastic! For a woman to fight the entire security team is awesome! The storyline has a twist in it and it was not bad. I wouldn't say it was superb because it was somewhat predictable with the 'heroin winning all the fights' but it's a good watch.

So, who is salt? Well, watch and find out...

The last song was really about a father-daughter relationship. Somehow, the hype of Miley Cyrus dating Liam Hemsworth overshadowed the story into thinking that it was a romance story. Well, it has its romance moments but I thought it was too rushed.

The storyline about the father-daughter connection however, was touching! This movie is really a DVD kind of movie and if you're not a fan of Miley Cyrus, I suggest you not watch it. Everything was about her and sometimes her annoying voice gets to me. Mind you, I'm not really a fan of hers.

Oh well, more movies and more DVDs to watch =)) I can't wait fot Step Up 3 in 3D...The preview seems very interesting!

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