August 7, 2010

First impressions

I think first impressions are important and can be deceiving too...See, at one point me and my friends were talking about how their first impressions affected other people's outlook on them.

Hence, why first impressions can be deceiving. One can look like a quiet, friendly lady but it turned out she's a b*tch! I know one like that from my work place. This lady boss from HQ came to visit and she's young, pretty, friendly looking and does her work quietly. We thought she's such a nice person. Boy, were we wrong! It turned she's such a fussy b*tch...Sorry for my language and out of no respect for a superior authority but I can't help it. She comes in one day and she starts complaining about teachers, about how we work, how we dress and our etiquette. Seriously?! Our own boss who's on leave had said nothing previously and who is she to barge in like that? Anyway, she's just here for the meantime and being a fussy pot no wonder she's not married!

Besides that, while others can look like a 'bad boy' or have that scruffy look, doesn't mean he's not a smart person with a great attitude! Or while some can look like a genuinely nice gentleman may turn out to be a pervert! Well, some say I look like a nerd, seriously how wrong are they! I do not even have 10% of nerdiness in me haha

You know this guy? One look and you may think he's a normal dude with a crazy hairstyle. FYI, he's Tim Burton, notable film maker for movies such as Sweeney Todd, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Planet of the Apes, Batman returns, Edward Scissorhands and the latest Alice in Wonderland. Who knew this guy has such a creative mindset, earning millions of bucks and a director most actors want to work with!

On the other hand, first impressions are important as aformentioned. When you go for a work interview, you only have one shot to ace that interview and get your dream job. Hence, strike your million dollar smile and be at your best behaviour. When they hired you, it's really hard to fire you later when they find out how deceiving that smile of yours is LOL

So to say, if you are judging one from first impression always remember the phrase, 'Do not judge a book by its cover' and if you want to make a good first impression, always have the right attitude. It's really hard to fake attitude. With a good attitude and manners, you will go very far...

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