August 8, 2010


Have you heard of the famous rock candy brand 'Sticky'?

Sticky firstly originated from Australia and now there are confectioners in Singapore and in Malaysia! Malaysia's first outlet is in 1 Utama, Petaling Jaya. I actually didn't know that until I googled it. It opened in November, 2009.

I came to know Sticky through a friend. The first time I saw the rock candy, I thought it was too cute! The taste was also very nice. However, I didn't ask where she bought it. After awhile, I asked around where could I get rock candies. No one knew until another friend of mine went to Singapore and bought Sticky candies for me*hearts*

                                             I own the exact cherry rock candies~YUMMY!

I really want to drop by 1 Utama now to visit the 'Sticky' shop. You can customize your very own candies too =) But the minimum weight for cuztomized candies is 6kg! That's alot of candies and many more cavities to come LOL

How nice would it be to eat candies that have your name cuztomized into it hehe Sticky have so many flavours and designs to choose from. The unique thing about this rock candy is that it is hand made, thus their logo caption is 'traditional handmade yummy'

It does not need to be refrigerated nor would it melt and contrary to its brand, it's not sticky. It's very easy to eat. Just take a candy and  pop it in your mouth and cherish the taste *laughs*

Try one and you cannot resist more! It really is addictive =D

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