August 11, 2010

Nail arts

For those around me, they would know how much I love decorating my nails with bright colours! I would change my nail colours every week without fail. But of course, I do not have the skill to do nice nail arts only I could mix and match colours on my nails.

I browsed through the net and found some really cool nail arts:

These are hand drawn and takes a long time to do! You know I'm really astonished how people could do nail arts so neatly and precise. I would wobble if I drew anything on my nails. Even mixing three colours on my nails took quite some time to master.

I really want to learn to do nail arts. Going for a manicure at a nail saloon is quite pricey, in my opinion. Besides, nail arts cannot last that long. We wash our hands all the time and sometimes washing plates may peel it off. So it's not really worth it spending RM50+ and having it peel off in a matter of days.

I have over 20 colours of nailpolish LOL and most of them are bought as a gift for me because friends and family know that I love nailpolish *smiles* It would be nice if I could do something artsy with those colours but I'm still learning to perfect mixing colours on nails...Hmmph if only there's a part time course on nail arts haha

I love beautiful nails =D My toe nails have never seen the light of day without nail polish ever since I was 7 years old haha...I think I got that from my mom XD When I was schooling, I always remember I look forward to paint my nails during school hols because you can't do that during school days.

Now that I'm out of school, I could do my nails every week. I know sometimes it's bad for the nails. Nails will turn yellow if you do not use the proper brand. Even so, if you paint your nails all the time it'll still make your nails unhealthy. But whatever, if you take good care and trim your nails frequently, I guess it'll be just fine hehe

All in the name of beauty =)

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