August 14, 2010


I'm currently addicted to....

Cadbury Chocettes!! Man, I flooved these...Despite my cough, I still do eat those chocolates coz it's just too good hehe...I pop one into my mouth everyday and  it melts perfectly giving the milky chocolate-y taste =D I love chocolates in general but plain chocs are my biggest weakness =p

 Next, I'm also addicted to..

Katy Perry!! I love her current fashion sense of quirky-ness...She's too darn cute in her outrageous colourful outfits!! You MUST see the California Gurls music video. You'll be in awe. She's soo pretty with her cute-sy costumes and the music set is superbly gorgeous with those ice creams and candies. It's like you're in paradise =) I do think however, some parts like her nude scene with the cotton candies are a bit too much but well, she knows she's gorgeous and so she had to flaunt it LOL


I just watched Toy Story 3 and this is a scene from Toy Story 3 which I can't get enough of. The scene was just too beautiful with colourful toys, cute bear and if you see to the left Barbie with the love of her life, Ken =)) and the place was full with different other toys!! It was really COOL and the ending part was fantastic where all of them were having fun in this daycare place...


Very addicted to bags nowadays be it designer or not although I already have tons of them *laughs* Bags just make me go weak in my knees whenever I see them on sale while shopping LOL I'm currently loving the big tote where I can just stash all my stuffs in it =p


addicted to FOOD in general. At one time, i kinda lost my appetite for whatever reason. Somehow, I found my BIG apetite back hehe I have been eating too much lately. I find myself being hungry all the time LOL especially with the Ramadhan bazaar around here nowadays, my family will buy lots of tid bits from there and we'll have a food galore *smiles*

So, there you have it. I'm addicted to lots of things but mostly those colourful cute-sy things like Katy Perry hehe...Colours just make me go ga-ga so it's not surprising that I do not own much black stuffs. My addiction to food needs to STOP-like now but I'm working on that. I'll post something if I'm successful =)

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