August 16, 2010


Recently, I read a lot on new mothers throwing away their babies after giving birth...Some babies are still with their umbilical cords attached to them...How dare the mothers!!

Some babies are found alive while some unfortunate ones are found dead. Time and again, even after the government threatened to treat baby dumping that causes the child's death as murder, some mothers are still not afraid. Seriously, after nine months of pregnancy and taking care of the baby in the womb, the mothers did not even feel a certain connection of love towards her own child to do such an outrageous act??

I may not be in a position to judge such matter as I've not gone through it but I do know that it is very WRONG to dump your infants like a piece of garbage. What have they done to deserve such ridiculous gesture from their moms? They were only in this world for probably about a few hours and their moms have thrown them away!

Maybe the pregnancy was a mistake but you should have thought about that while having unprotected sex. Teenagers nowadays just want to satisfy their hormone needs without thinking for a second what are the consequences when one gets pregnant. Maybe the moms weren't in their right mind when they threw their babies away and will probably regret later. Well, you had nine months to THINK what you wanted to do with the baby. At least, put it up for adoption. Even NGOs have set up the country's first baby hatch in Malaysia for anonymous mothers to leave their unwanted newborns. The babies will be taken care of by better parents.

I have a soft heart for babies and I'm strongly against treating your child like animals. Even animals have a better life! If teenage moms are in serious dilemmas, seek help and make a good choice for your baby. Maybe you do not want to care for the baby but some childless couple will happily care for it! But do not dump your babies for others to find floating in the river, in the garbage dump or in some jungle somewhere...

                                                      STOP the dumping of newborns!

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