June 14, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

I'm really outdated in the movie department these days. But recently I'm trying to update myself. So I've just watched Alice In Wonderland. I know, this movie has been shown quite some time ago but I just didn't have the time to go watch it. Also, due to the fact I have not read the book(yes, I'm an outdated child too) so I didn't have much interest in the movie. But after good reviews of the movie, I decided to buy the DVD.

It was actually not bad! I've enjoyed the whole movie. Although I think Alice is a bit rude, the characters were really interesting to watch with funny names. My favourite character is the smiling cat, Chesire. My gosh! It is so funny to watch and cute. I like that whenever it appears, it will talk in like a mysterious way and will do a 360 degrees turn haha...Also, its stripes and eyes are in a glowy blue colour. Me like =))

                                                                Chesire, the smiling cat

Funniest character is the Red Queen. Her favourite sentence, "Off with his head!!" She's so bossy, short, ugly and has the biggest head haha

                                                                      The Red Queen

The only thing I like about her feature is her heart-shaped lipstick. Reminds me of one of Gwen Stefani's harajuku girls...

Lastly, who could forget the mad hatter! He's definitely MAD! But Johnny Depp played this character flawlessly with much emotion. He's so nice to Alice and boy, could he dance the Futterwacken.

                                                         Johnny Depp in too much make up

Compare this picture with the one below....

                                 Johnny Depp in real life- without the splash of colours on his face

He's such a great actor. He could transform into any characters in any movies. The most notable one would be Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Carribean, Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate factory and Edward Scissorhands. All these characters are heavily made up with weird costumes just like the mad hatter. Johnny Depp plays best in weird crazy characters!! Such a talented actor he is =) 

I went to mid valley a few months back and there was this display to promote the movie. It was beautifully built to recreate 'Wonderland'...


There was a short performance to bring to life the characters in Alice. But I still feel the movie characters were much prettier, more uniquely looked and cuter haha Also there was a display of the tea party as in the movie where the mad hatter had his tea with his two other crazy friends. It looked real and it makes you want to have your tea there LOL The whole centre court really looked like something brought right out of the movie and my friends and I were fascinated!! 

Alice in Wonderland is a really good movie. Very recommended to those who have not watched it yet. If you like fantasy, all the better! 

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