June 5, 2010


 I know celebrities are being looked upon whether about their fashion styles, their lifestyles, their music and so on. So I don't get it when celebrities dress this way:


In the first two pictures, where's lindsay's and taylor's bras? and pictures below, where's taylor's and lindsay's pants??! Taylor Momsen from Gossip Girl and Lindsay Lohan have a reputation for trashy dressing. Mind you, Taylor is only 17 years old. My mother would kill me if I were to even step foot out of my house wearing like that- literally! They should really hire a stylist! They're giving bad impression to girls..

Megan Fox, on the other hand, I know many would disagree with me, has a better fashion sense. Although she dresses so very sexily at least she looks sexy. The pictures above does not even come by as SEXY!

Yeap, definitely the better fashion! My favourite is the purple dress although the slit may be too high...Megan Fox is undeniably hot!

I think there are a few female celebrities that have a really good fashion sense.

Most recent: Nicole Kidman at the 2010 Golden Globes
Whether Nicole is pregnant or not, she exudes elegance and beauty. She's my all time favourite. She has timeless beauty. A mother of three kids, she's still a super stylish mother!

                                          Most recent: Kate Beckinsale at the 2010 Golden Globes

Kate Beckinsale is another lady who is very beautiful! I love her fashion. She could never go wrong. In fact, she hasnt gone wrong at any red carpet events in my opinion. I think she could carry mermaid dresses the best because of her svelte figure.

Carrie Underwood is one person that could carry colours and patterns. She looks best in colours rather than plain black or white. She has that sweetheart country singer face that any beautiful dresses would match her perfectly.

Another country singer. I think country singers dress the best because they are not so funky like lady gaga, rihanna or christina aguilera. They are more relaxed in nature and their dress sense reflects that. Lindsay and Tyalor Momsen should learn from this teenage sweetheart! Her fashion sense up to now has received great fashion reviews from various tabloids.

Last but not least, the red hot German supermodel mama! After four children, Heidi Klum could still walk the runway with a flat tummy! You've got to salute this supermodel! Of all Victoria's Secret models, I love her the most...She has a great personality and a great fashion sense! Unlike her counterpart, Tyra Banks who failed miserably at the red carpet, Heidi does everything right on the red carpet!

I'm not an expert on fashion but I do know a thing or two about dressing stylishly. I'm a girl after all! These are just my outlook on how those celebrities dress. I may be right, I may be wrong but everyone's a critic!

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