June 9, 2010


Leave it to Lady Gaga to make outrageous videos. If you think 'bad romance' and 'telephone' music videos are out of this world, try watching Alejandro LOL

It's so sexed up and very 18SX. I doubt MTV will show it in Malaysia. Or not it will be censored to the max! So much for the lady who just celibated herself *snorts*

I mean I love Lady Gaga's songs and her unique get up and all but this video is just too much, in my opinion. I'm not gona post a link to that video so go find it yourself! Don't say I didn't warn you before!

Those Little Monsters(Gaga calls her fans lil monsters) would be so proud of her that she went out of her already outrageous way to give fans another outlandish video. So, can the lady ever be out of surprises? Wait till her next video or her next album for that matter. I'm sure it'll surprise us more!

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