June 4, 2010

The Shopaholic is back!!

After much deprivation of shopping, I could finally break a leg while shopping LOLZ...I'm a self-declared shopaholic. I'll have withdrawal syptoms if I dont shop. Even during exams, since I did not go out, I resorted to e-shopping *smacks head* I'm that bad!!

Well, lucky me there's e-shopping! It's actually quite convenient, though the downside is that you cannot actually feel the clothes and try them..Hmm, I'm particularly very concerned about trying outfits to see whether it fits, so I do not really buy much online.

But now, I could actually shop in real stores haha so the shopaholic's back!! The first time in 1 month I went to sunway pyramid, I was drowned in all the sales. I was in heaven hehe...Even my dad laughed at me when I saw those shoes on sales and i got really excited *laughs*

So it's no surprise that I love the movie, 'Confessions of a shopaholic'


Rebecca Bloomwood, the lead female is the worst shopaholic ever..I mean I'm definitely not like her. It was a nice movie and it shows how being a shopaholic is actually a sickness haha...She could not control her spending and ended up in a huge amount of debt.

I am actually a thrifty shopper. I do not splurge on large amount of money for one thing. I do not believe in spending hundreds of ringgit for one small clutch or a dress for that matter. I believe in buying nice stuffs with a reasonable price. Thus, sales is my biggest weakness *smiles sheepishly* You can actually get a really good bargain during sales if you find the right shop =)

I do believe retail therapy is a stress reliever especially for ladies. Of course, I would say that hehe So, shopping is not really that bad...Let's shop till we drop!

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