June 12, 2010

Fever starts!

Yesterday was the kick off of the first World Cup game...Weee!! South Africa vs Mexico. I was out for dinner and hell, everywhere was full of people!! People were so excited...When the game started people just did not touch their food anymore and started watching while drinking. Every 'almost' goal will be filled with shouts in the atmosphere, every tackle will have sound effects like 'oohs' and 'aahs', every yellow cards will be followed by an applause by the opposing team and every goal will be followed by SCREAMS!!

Everyone had their own opinions on which team they support, whether the goal was offside, whether the referee was bias, whether mexico or south africa played well and all sort! It's the WORLD CUP FEVER!! Everyone's having it haha

I've never actually thought football would unite so many people together to watch. You can see groups of youngsters coming in to watch the game. Restaurants and mamaks who have big screens would totally cash in loads of profits this month!

The first game was a draw which was so-so. I mean no one won or lost so a draw for a first game is fine. But the draw for the second game; France vs Uruguay was a dissapointment. France should have won! Uruguay was the underdog. Oh well, I care more about the coming game anyway which will be aired late tonight or tmrw morning- 2.30am which is England vs USA. I hope the game will not dissapoint!

Anyways, till the next game...

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