June 6, 2010

World Cup Fever

World Cup 2010 is in 5 days time!! Woo-hoo I'm very excited...Yes, I may be a girl but who says a girl cant love football too? I may not love it as much as guys do but I'm still a football fan. I do follow English Premier League matches with my father, that is! This is also an advantage where I can actually communicate with guys about footballs. I may also be a tad more interested in those footballers' looks but whatever...

Anyway, World Cup does bring a lot of memories from high school. I remembered the previous World Cup was in 2006 in Germany and it was my first time I was really brought into the football world. I didn't know much about football back then unless when my father watches it during weekends or waking up in the wee hours of the morning to watch his favourite team play. But other than that, I only knew basic things like 22 men chasing after one ball. Yeah, that's about it *laughs*

But after the 2006 world cup, it got me really interested in football. It helps that most of my friends are into it too. We had different favourite teams. I remembered I used to wake up in the wee hours to watch teams play and then I found out my father and brother was already downstairs watching LOL so we all watched together and made my mom go crazy with all the shoutings hahaha....but she was cool with it! She even watched with us sometimes...

Then I would go to school all watery eyes because of the yawning and the tiredness. I would yawn so many times in class that my friends said I should really stop watching games in the morning already hehe..Yeah, going down memory lane. This time it would be different though. I do not have classes for one so i can wake up and sleep anytime I want this world cup. Now, i can tease my father coz HE has to go to work while I can sleep at home after a game hahaha (i know I'm mean =p)

My family is all geared up for world cup. We changed to Astro Byond just for world cup so that we could watch all 64 matches in HD. I must say, football in HD is super clear! Loving it =))

I support England all the way. I supported it last World Cup and have never stopped supporting England. Although they may not have a good chance in winning but it's allright. It's sad that Rio Ferdinand, the captain could not play due to a very very last minute injury. Poor him! I would be devastated after being excited of entering into the World Cup and becoming captain only to be sent back right before it. I am also saddened that David Beckham could not make it to this world cup due to his injury *cries very loudly* It was supposed to be his last and now he cant play =(

Previously, I said I didn't know much about football until the last World Cup. Well, I only knew one football player throughout my primary and secondary school life prior to the World Cup- that is David Beckham. I've known David Beckham since young and I've loved him ever since. Not only he's super HOT, but he is also fantastic in his free kick and a good player. 

I will try my hardest not to drool at this pic!

Mind you, he's the reason I won my first ever public speaking. I spoke about him in the impromptu session and I'm not kidding when I say I spoke about how HOT he looked shirtless! Well, I guess the judges agreed with me *laughs*

Oh well, since he cant play in this world cup, he did fly to South Africa with the team and he's there for encouragement I guess. If the camera could at least show a cameo of him I'll be happy! Haha...What can I say, I'm a die hard Beckham fan!!

I'm sure everyone out there is excited about the coming World Cup! As they said, some will eat football, bathe football, talk football and even sleep football. It's the World Cup fever! All shopping complexes are promoting it, newspapers having advertisements with Lionel Messi and Frank Lampard on it, everyone's already talking about it, so this time it'll be huge I guess!

The World Cup 2010 Mascot- Zakumi, a leopard

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