June 4, 2010


It's no surprise to my friends that I absolutely LOVE and ADORE babies...I think babies are the most innocent being in this world as they have not experienced life yet and only knows how to cry and want milk hehe

I have 12 younger girl cousins and 1 baby boy cousin presently...I know babies LOL I play with them and I can say I'm pretty good with children. They are just so fun and all they want to do is just play, run around, shout, sing songs and be cute =) Although I know not all children are like that. Some are rascals, so naughty you cannot hit them because they are small kids and sometimes you cannot help but to bring out the 'rotan'...Lucky for me I havent come across these kind of kids- yet!

There a few celebrity babies that I think are the cutest little thing in this world *smiles*

Suri Cruise hands down beat all other babies by being the cutest in Hollywood. Of course, it helps that her parents are the handsome Tom Cruise and sweetheart Katie Holmes. She's so adorable she could bypass as a doll- literally! Her fashion sense is better than her mom actually and though Katie Holmes was blamed for letting Suri wear high heels at such a young age, Katie said Suri picked all her clothes and shoes herself. So young and yet has great fashion sense. I want her as a daughter too!!

Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline Jolie-Pitt have the biggest eyes in babies haha...My gosh! Arent they super adorable. These are Brad and Angelina's biological twins and of course they came out right! Brad Pitt was so handsome when he was young however now he looks rugged with his beard. If his son turns out even 50% of how he looks, I think Knox will be just fine with the girls =p Vivienne, on the other hand, having a sultry and sexy mom like Ange(although I'm not really a big fan of Ange) would be alright too with the guys LOLZ

Kingston Rossdale is the son of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale. He is so cute and I guess he got the fashion gene from his mom because he's quite a fashionistar. I think suri cruise and him can go together haha and they can make a fashion line and be rich! Oh, Kingston hates the paparazzi and because of the noises from the paps, Gwen would usually put earphones to him so that he wouldn't be irritated. How nice and creative =) With rockstar parents, he may be one someday haha

Aren't all these babies adorable. This brings me to the question, why is there child abuse in this world? Why would any parent abuse their own children? I may not be in a position to talk about this because I'm not a parent myself, but I do know you shouldn't hurt anyone especially not your own children. If you do not want to care for your own child, there are many childless couples who would happily do so for you. Give them up for adoption for a better life rather than transferring all your anger on them when you're drunk, angry or when life sucks. Life has its ups and downs, it doesn't mean when there are down times you get the right to abuse your child.

There are many articles on child abuse these days in the newspaper. It hurts to see all the bruises a child has to suffer from the coward actions of their parents. Some even die due to internal bleedings. All these mistreatment should stop. When a child grows up, it would affect him/her mentally if not physically. Every child has the right to grow up safe from harm, abuse and violence.

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