June 14, 2010

It continues...

Okay, so it was a dissapointed draw for England vs USA =(( I was hoping for a win but fat chance...Anyway, bettter luck next time I hope. Robert Green is the scapegoat and many newspapers slammed him and putting the blame on him for the draw. Well, I think blame it on the Jabulani, the new Adidas Ball for the World Cup. It's too bouncy! The same thing happened to the Algerian goalkeeper who couldn't catch the ball because it bounced too fast. Goalkeepers should be more aware now because it's unpredictable how the ball will bounce.

On the other hand, Germany was fantastic!! I saw the first two goals then I went to sleep haha I already knew Germany was going to win the game so it's no point staying up late. They scored 4 goals which was the most goals yet in a game in this world cup...Germany's one of my fave too beside England and Spain =p

I've stayed up two nights so tonight's gona be a rest. Tonight's game is Italy vs Paraguay. I'm a fan of neither so I'll be better off sleeping hehe

After watching a few matches these days, I found out Australia has the nicest outfit. The colour combination is just nice and it's outstanding. Yeah outfits don't matter and skills are the most important. But, it's just what I have observed haha..It's better than other countries which are mainly quite dull.

                                                        Australia's 2010 World Cup jersey

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