October 7, 2010


Have you read the recent news about a python causing a fatal accident and a monkey kidnapping a baby then dropping it to its death?

Eewwww seriously animals should remain in the jungle! Not in our concrete jungle..Where do they even come from? Just imagine finding out your baby was stolen by a monkey, bitten and thrown on the ground? More so, knowing that you cannot charge anyone for murder because it's an animal. But the monkey was shot dead several hours later.

I mean I'm not a fan of animal cruelty but I think the monkey deserved it for acting so violently! The python mentioned also died during the accident. I think it was run over by the trailer. A passenger was killed in that accident XD

                                                                       Such tragedy!

I wonder what will be on the front page tomorrow. An iguana attacking a resident??

                                            Careful girl! You'll never know what happens next..

So people, beware of mad animals! You may never know when that mad brain disease will attack them and in turn they might attack you to death!

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