October 15, 2010


I'm sure most of you would have read about the news someone receiving RM55,000 in damages after suing Pizza Hut having found a cockroach leg in her spaghetti bolognaise. She had diarrhea and vomitted after eating the spaghetti.

This is how serious it could be if you find any foreign objects in your food. Courts are being very harsh to impose such high damages to deter shop keepers from taking hygiene lightly. It was also reported that Pizza Hut had such incidents before and this is not the first time.

Goodness, I though fast food outlets are much cleaner. Must be careful next time when I eat at Pizza Hut. Better check my pizzas, spaghetti or chicken wings for any insects LOL

The worst thing I've ever found when eating outside is just insects in my drink. Then the waitress would take it back. But I'm not sure if they just scoop it out or get me a new drink LOL Another time was having a fly in my food. But that wasn't the cook's fault. The fly actually landed in it and somehow died or it died and the wind flew it in my food *laughs* Most of the time, we don't find anything in our food but we'll get food poisoning after eating out. I've had many of such incidents. But we cannot prove anything, can we?

At one time, I was with a group of friends in a restaurant and my friend ordered chicken chop. When it came, my friend started to slice it into small pieces. Then suddenly we all saw blood coming out of the chicken. EEEWWW the chicken was not cooked!! Gosh, how do these cooks prepare food??

You cannot really trust outside food but sometimes you do not have a choice. But moral of the story is if you do find any foreign objects like maggots, flies or cockroach legs in you food, sue the outlet. You may never know how rich you'll get just by finding some small insect in your food *laughs*

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