October 4, 2010

XIX Commonwealth Games

Yesterday was the opening ceremony of the 19th Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, India. If you have seen it on TV, I'm sure you'll be left in awe! It was a very colourful ceremony indeed.

I must say the Indians were very creative in performing. I really loved one of the performance where while these dancers were dancing suddenly a white cloth were placed on top of them and they painted it there and then! It turned out to be a picture of a hand with 'inai'. You know it's an Indian culture to put 'inai' on their hands. It was soo awesome that they painted it so fast and the camera was showing those people quickly painting the cloth and then it slowly came out to be a beautiful art! =))

I also loved the part where a few men artist were drawing something from sand and it turned out to be a picture of Indians carrying their flags and marching. They were so fast! It was something different. I have never seen performances where people draw and paint there and then at the ceremony. Normally, these things are done before the ceremony LOL But the fact that they could do it so fast and done beautifully made the show even more spectacular.

Another highlight is definitely A.R Rahman performing marking the end of the ceremony.

He performed two songs and the last song was the famous 'Jai Ho' made popular by 'Slumdog Millionaire'. The dancers were fantastic in performing and it was a good song for the finale because everyone could relate to it since 'Slumdog' has gained international fame.

Overall, kudos to the creative director of this ceremony for making it a fantastic show! Thousands of people were definitely involved in making this ceremony a huge success!

Now, I can't wait to see my favourite games being played. I love gymnastics, aquatics, badminton and athletics. 71 countries are participating and good luck to all of them! Hope so Malaysia will do us proud =)

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