October 13, 2010


Eminem recently told 60 Minutes magazine that he doesn't cuss at home. Wow, seriously??

                                                          Bad boy gone good at home!!

It must be hard to restrict yourself at home then right? I mean all his songs have at least a few F words in it. Trust me if you listen properly, all his songs have profanities. Just listen to his newest songs, 'Love the way you lie' featuring Rihanna, Beautiful and Not Afraid and you'll know or google the lyrics.

He has three daughters and yes I don't expect him to curse at them but wouldn't the F bomb may sometimes come out if you're talking to your friends at home or perhaps when some things don't go your way?

Have you seen 'Keeping up with the Kardashians'? My, these ladies cuss at home like nobody's business especially foul-mouthed Khloe Kardashian:

                                                        She cusses at anyone and anywhere!

I mean even their mom Kris Kardashian says the F word like nothing in front of them. Such good example huh? Btw, they have two teenager sisters at home hearing all these! How can they not pick it up? Children learn very fast!

Okay, I'm not saying I don't cuss because I do at times but not to the extreme. I also admit sometimes when my parents are at home I may have slipped some 'SH*T' or 'What the Hell??' but these are considered very minor in profanities language(LOL) but not on purpose! So I think Eminem is really good setting a fantastic example to his children but I'm sure he may have slipped a few F bombs here and there sometimes(but he's trying!)

Although he's not setting good examples in his music. How do you expect people to follow the lyrics in your music without cussing? I'm sure when his children grow up, they'll definitely hear their dad on the radio and if they don't hear him cussing at home they'll hear him in his music. No difference LOL

But at least he doesn't cuss at them unlike the Kardashians. For Khloe, F you is normal language used daily =p And guys these days cusses like nobody's business too. Girls are also keeping up. I'm not dissing these people but seriously? For every single thing there is a need to cuss. I do not get why! -.- And yes, I do get irritated when people cuss non-stop like a few profanities for every sentence! Especially when you can cuss in different languages like English, Bahasa and Chinese(especially!) In one language there are so many profanities and adding all other languages, imagine how much bad words there are! *smacks head* No wonder people don't use normal words these days...

I think due to many people cussing around the world, there's this No Cussing Club in the net. There's a challenge to not cuss for the longest- one year(LOL) I'm sure many will fail in this challenge haha Check it out HERE

Try not too cuss too much! It spoils your vocabulary and manners!!

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