February 22, 2014

Afternoon tea set at Pastis Cafe, Gardens

I absolutely lurve hi-tea! I'm a dessert kind of girl so anything with cakes, chocolate, scones and the likes will make me very excited hehe

I decided to try the afternoon tea set at Pastis Cafe, Gardens.

It's simple yet fulfilling =)

The afternoon tea set consist of:
2 pcs Toasted Salmon Sandwich
2 pcs Tomato Bruschetta
2 pcs Mushroom Quiche
2 pcs Scones served with cream & jam
2 pcs Mini Chocolate
1 Tiramisu
1 Chocolate cake
1 Creme Brulee
2 pots of coffee/tea served with 2 pcs of biscuits

I didn't quite like the Quiche as it was a bit tasteless but aside from that, everything else was yummy! I especially love the toasted salmon sandwich and anything else with chocolate.
Sitting by the window, having afternoon tea with good company is a great way of spending the weekend =)

The tea set was highly popular. Almost 3/4 of the people in the cafe were having the tea set.
It costs around RM58(inclusive of tax) which was okay considering it was in Gardens and Gardens things are not cheap.

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